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Essential Tips for End of Lease Cleaning in London

Important rules for End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Moving out of a rented house or apartment can be quite stressful, if not overwhelming. To add insult to injury, any small flaw in your end of tenancy cleaning can be used by the letting companies or landlords to make huge deductions from your deposit.

That being said, here are important cleaning tips to help you do a bang-up job on your end of tenancy cleaning. Trust us; it’ll help you safeguard you hard-earned deposit.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

The beauty of professional end of tenancy cleaning companies in London is that they know what they are doing. With the latest equipment and technical know-how, they can clean your house to the highest standard. However, watch out for fly-by-nights who just want to be paid. They’ll deliver a mediocre job forcing you to roll up your sleeves and clean the house in the eleventh hour.

A good professional cleaner should have a sizeable experience, license, insurance, and excellent tools. Don’t settle for less.

Wear Socks or Sleepers

If you intend to clean the house on your own, it’s important that you wear indoor shoes, sleepers or socks. Why? Street shoes are highly likely to leave a track of dirt onto the floors.

Wash the Curtains

It might seem trivial, but many people forget to launder their drapery during an end of tenancy cleaning. If you don’t have the time to wash them, you can have them cleaned by professionals.

Empty the Bathrooms before Cleaning

Bathrooms are absolutely the most difficult rooms to clean. Clear out everything from your bathroom before you commence cleaning. It’ll give you a chance to clean every nook and cranny.

Clear Out all your Cupboards and Closets

Check all the fridges, drawers, cupboards, closets and cabinets to ensure that they are absolutely empty. Anything found will be deducted from your deposit in the form of rubbish removal.

Repair Any Scratch or Holes in the Walls

Ensure that all photos and hangings are removed before you patch all the holes. Once done, you can repaint the wall.

Clean the Oven

Give your oven (especially the door) a good scrub. The thing is, the oven is one of the things most people neglect during the end of tenancy cleaning yet it’s the dirtiest. You can buy specialised oven-cleaning kits from your favourite supermarket.

The Bathroom Should be Steam-Cleaned

Let the showers run at its highest setting so that the steam can loosen the dirt and debris. It’ll make cleaning effortlessly easy.

End of tenancy cleaning London is an important part of a move-out. Ensure that it’s properly done lest you lose part of your deposit.