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How to Get the Best End of Tenancy Prices in a Hurry

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in short notice

If you have been thinking of doing DIY end of tenancy cleaning because of high cleaning prices, it is better to reconsider and make an attempt to get lower prices. This is because the DIY end of tenancy cleaning almost always ends up as a disaster with the landlord disputing the cleaning done. In a dispute, the tenant has little recourse but to do the work again, refuse to repeat the job and forfeit the tenancy deposit, or head to court and incur legal costs.

All these alternatives cost more than it would have cost to get a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. You do not always have to pay expensively for end of tenancy cleaning. You can get lowered prices by deploying a few tricks.

Use word of mouth

Spread the word that you are moving and looking for good end of tenancy cleaning prices. This will land you trusted referrals that you can engage quickly. The good thing is that referral contacts are willing to look at leads that come through acquaintances more favorably.  You can then negotiate a good price quickly.

Use social media

The average social media user has an average of 200 friends. If five people see your post and share, you have already reached a circle of 1,000 people. If you are in need of quick contacts, you can use less than 2 pounds to boost your Facebook post to reach more people. Many cleaning services maintain a social media presence and are bound to see your post (with your set price). You will be surprised at the number of contacts you can generate.

Google search

Ideally, this should be your second step. Google has an intuitive feature that lists all businesses in the vicinity when you do a search. Searching ‘cleaning service’ will show the top rated cleaning services in your area. Google can be trusted because the rating is done based on the number of mentions and social media engagements that a business is getting.


Newspaper and online classifieds feature plenty of end of tenancy cleaning services. There will be tens of ads on any given day. Classified ads will usually be used by cleaning services that are relatively new, so you will be likely lucky to get good end of tenancy prices.

Whatever method you pick, or using a combination of these tricks, remember to exercise due diligence. They say cheap is expensive so it will quite another task to separate the fraudsters from the genuine guys.