Classy Cats and Canines

Cat Products

Pets provide us with companionship as such we should return the favor in taking good care of them. Pet products vary from food supplies, play toys, cleaning products to care and wellness products. Pet products are made differently for different kinds of pets. There are products for; cats, dogs, small pets, birds, and aquatic pets. The pet cat and dog are the average choices for most people. Cats, however, require more attention as they love themselves and wait on their owners to provide them food.

Cat products

Finding the right products for your feline friend can be a hard task especially when your cat is choosy. Cat products include; cat food, cat litter, cat flaps, scratching posts, cat beds, and cat veterinary products.

  • Cat food

Food and treats for cats are available as wet food, dry food, and food toppings. Wet food is found caned in stores and is usually grain free.  Wet food comes in different flavors and you can select your choice depending on your cat’s nutritional value. Wet cat food is packaged for different cat age, size and breed. The best dry cat foods are an addiction grain free herbed duck, chicken meal, and pork stew. Food toppers can be anything from oats addition to regular cat food. The bowl you put cat food in should also be appealing to the cat so that it can eat its’ food.

  • Toys

Cat toys can be anything from DIY products to store-bought plush toys. Cat toys include balls and chasers, catnip, hunting and stalking toys, teasers, tunnels, electronic and interactive toys. Playing is important for cats as it makes them lively. Without proper toys, your cat may become broody, lazy and easily agitated.

  • Litter box

Litter boxes are ideal for cats as they can get comfortable rest and sleep in them. A litter box is a stylish round-edged cube that looks like a small box. It should not be confused with a waste box. You can find a Modkat designed litterbox at Amazon.

  • Monitoring devices

You can actively interact with your pet cat using electronic devices such as the Petcube play. It uses laser projection which you can control using your smartphone and let the cat chase after the laser dot on a wall or floor.

  • Flea and tick control

You can go online on Amazon and look up devices you can use to control flea and tick infestations on your cat. Certain products such as flea combs, flea collars, cat flea powders, and cat flea sprays can help you eliminate the pest problem from your beloved cat.